Quentin Carnaille

The Odyssey of a French sculptor

Quentin Carnaille is a French artist born in 1984 in Roubaix. He studied architecture at the Superior School of Arts of in Tournai (Belgium), where he graduated in 2009. Quentin lives and works in Lille (France). In 2008 while he attempts to become an architect, Quentin begins his initiatory voyage into the world of art by producing cufflinks made from watch mechanisms. The random meeting between a magnet and these same watch mechanisms definitely influences his work. Two years later he decides to cultivate this idea and undertakes an even more ambitious project: create a watch whose time would be frozen, as to defy time he finds relative.

Always driven by the desire to explore the Arcanas of the time he realizes "Apesanteur" (Zero gravity, 2013), his first sculpture in magnetic levitation. In his "Origin" series (2014), he combines primary shapes -as the sphere and the circle- for a sculptural result that highlights an analogy between the notions of time and space. His work matures and enriches itself with the "Réinterprétation" series (Reinterpreting) where he revisits the great masters, from Michelangelo to Giacometti, paying tribute to their timeless masterpieces. Quentin Carnaille's sculptures are now exhibited in Europe, Asia and soon in the Middle East. Beyond the continent, his quite real vision is to send a sculpture in space...